Click here to download the Roadster Cup tech form

General Rules

  • All competitors must rent timing through Extreme Speed Track Events.
  • All NA and NB Miatas must have a 4-point roll bar installed prior to getting on the racetrack.
  • All helmets must be SA2010 or newer
  • Cooling and brake compound/rotor related mods are allowed in all
  • If two people are running one car, they must get their own transponder and switch it out depending on who is driving that session to avoid timing issues. Failing to do so will result in disqualification.
  • You must include your email to receive prizes, please print clearly.
  • There is one throwaway round – overall points will be calculated based on your best 8 of 9
  • Enthusiast class champions are no longer eligible to compete in Enthusiast class and must compete in Street, Modified, or Unlimited.


Enthusiast: 0-4 points, must have catalytic converter

  • 140+ treadwear tires
  • NO aftermarket ECU, piggyback ECU, or engine map tuning
  • NO crystal mod
  • ND or 124 Spider running enthusiast class must run a >200 treadwear tire and all stock clubsport mods (i.e. OEM LSD) are legal in enthusiast.
  • Completely stock ND and 124 Spider OK

Street: 4.25 – 8 points,

  • 140+ treadwear tires
  • NO aftermarket ECU, piggyback ECU, or engine map tuning
  • NO camshafts
  • NO crystal mod

Modified: 8.25-12 points

Unlimited: 12.25+ points

Season Championship Points and Rules

  • Overall points are F1 style 1st- 25 2nd- 18 3rd- 15 4th- 12 5th -10 and so on. Each participant will receive at
    least 1 point.
  • There is one throwaway round- overall points will be calculated based on the best 8 of 9 rounds.
  • An Enthusiast Class champion may only win Enthusiast class once. After a championship, they must run Street, Mod, or Unlimited.
  • In the event of a tie, we will judge the winner based on the most first place victories. If that is a tie, we will the move to overall points without the throw away round.


1st – 25
2nd – 18
3rd – 15
4th – 12
5th – 10
6th – 8
7th – 6
8th – 4
9th – 2
10th+ – 1