Zee Reid

Zee Reid

Name: Zadock “Zee” Reid

Class: Street

About: Born in Jamaica, raised in Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and L.A., this mid-sized permanent bachelor broaching nigh-on half a century is best photographed kitted out in a none-too-threatening candy-apple red ND named Nadine. He has 20-years of track days and 35-years in sports cars, but don’t let that fool you. A penchant for unforced errors offsets a crippling aversion to dipping wheels, so it’s appropriate to say that his driving skills are simply fair to middling. Agreed, that doesn’t explain 2 overall championships in 5 years and the occasional knock on the podium door, but hey, it’s better to be lucky than talented. He doesn’t need accolades. He needs chocolate.

Instagram: @specimenbeast