Driver Spotlight: Zee Reid

We announced last month that we were bringing back the Driver Spotlight in a new way – with video! If you’ve ever met Zee, you know he’s the nicest guy ever (even though he won’t ever admit it!), so we thought he would be a great person to kickoff the new Driver Spotlight! Zee is […]

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Driver Spotlight Returns

We are pleased to announce that after the next round at Streets of Willow, we are going to bring back the Driver Spotlight posts. Many people love the spotlights, so we are excited to bring them back! This time, we’re going to do them a little different and do videos instead of written interviews. So […]

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Round 3 Recap: Streets of Willow

We returned to Willow Springs for Round 3 over the weekend and took on Streets of Willow going Clockwise. With other competitive time attack series going on Sunday as well, it was a packed day at the track. In the sea of cars was an abundance of Miatas, not to mention a large sponsorship presence with […]

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Driver Spotlight: Jeremy D’Ambrosio

Today we’re getting to know Roadster Cup driver and part-time power stancer, Jeremy D’Ambrosio! Where are you from? Brookville, Pennsylvania- Currently living in Pasadena, California NA, NB, or NC? I own both an NA8 and NB1 Current class in the Roadster Cup? Way beyond the points threshold of MOD Sponsors? I am on this journey […]

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Driver Spotlight: David Lin

In this Driver Spotlight David Lin answered some questions so that we could get to know him a little better. We found out that he is a total smart a**.  Where are you from? 626 NA, NB, or NC? NA8 Current class in the Roadster Cup? Enthusiast Sponsors? My wallet Is there a story behind your […]

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Driver Spotlight: Muoi Tran

In this Driver Spotlight we’re getting to know one of our fearless females, Muoi Tran! Where are you from? San Jose, CA NA, NB, or NC? 1.8 NA Current class in the Roadster Cup? Street Class Sponsors? Evasive Motorsports Is there a story behind your Miata? This is my 3rd Miata so far, the first […]

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Driver Spotlight: Joe Robles

In this Driver Spotlight we’re getting to know 2014 Mod Class champion, Joe Robles! Where are you from? Atwater Village NA, NB, or NC? NA Current class in the Roadster Cup? Modified Sponsors? HRAI Is there a story behind your Miata? I started tracking two years ago with my daily Honda Prelude with Koni sport, […]

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Driver Spotlight: Jorge Castillo

In this edition of the Roadster Cup Driver Spotlight, we caught up with Jorge Castillo. Jorge is one of the Roadster Cup veterans and is giving the Mod class guys a run for their money this year with his NA motor. Where are you from? San Fernando Valley woop woooooop NA, NB, or NC? Nb1 Current […]

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Driver Spotlight: Dane Remo

In this Driver Spotlight, we’re getting to know the guy with the highest Miata known to man and Round 1 Enthusiast class winner, Dane Remo. Where are you from? Sylmar, CA NA, NB, or NC? Pop-up headlights. Need I say more? NA. Current class in the Roadster Cup? Very enthusiast. So enthusiast it hurts. Sponsors? […]

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Driver Spotlight: Alex Cao

In the first Roadster Cup Driver Spotlight, we’re going to meet Street class driver, part time male model, and most likely to steal yo girl, Alex Cao! Do you have any nicknames? Caoboy, reversecaoboy, cow…any variation of the bovine variety. Where are you from? Tustin, CA NA, NB, or NC? NB Sponsors? Garage Star When […]

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