In this day and age, we find ourselves buried in work, responsibilities and managing many other aspects of life because simply… we have to. To balance these matters, we engage in activities that we find fun with people who share the same interests. We find that the most passionate of people are willing to go through great lengths and difficulties for what they enjoy and they are easily distinguishable from the simple hobbyist.

Driving a car in over 100 degree weather doesn’t seem like the most fun thing to do for most people, but if you’re reading this, you probably aren’t like most people. The summer heat has definitely made it’s presence known as the weekend temperatures at Buttonwillow Raceway were in the high 90’s to low 100’s. If that didn’t stop you, then the largest earthquake California has seen in over a decade might have. When you still decided to go forth and drive to your heart’s content, only one reason explains why. The lack of participants which provided a higher chance of placing in Roadster Cup Round 5: The shakeup.


Left to Right: Clay Phillips – 2nd, Ryan Cochran – 1st, Chris Lessner – 3rd

Battling through the desert winds and the active landmines known as blue group, stretching for fast times was no easy task. Except for like, two people. Lehrick came close for 3rd place, but Chris Lessner managed the wheel just under half a second faster with a 2:22.937. Pushing through hell and hub failure was Clay Phillips taking 2nd with 2:17.199. And in 1st place with no one else in sight was Ryan Cochran with a blistering 2:08.974.

Championship Update

Clay Phillips takes 1st place with 73 points, Ryan Cochran takes 2nd with 65 and Kevin Eguchi moves down into 3rd with 61 points. Chris Lessner stands by closely with 60 points in 4th.


1st Place, Andrija (Andy) Boskovic
Not Pictured: Andrew Russ – 3rd, John Arden – 2nd

Street class took it up a notch with another battle of the bold. Andrew Russ put up a fight to take 3rd place with a 2:05.996 but dear Mr. John Arden inched by with a 2:05.736 to take 2nd. Andrija Boskovic seems to be on a roll once again taking 1st with a 2:04.156.

Championship Update

Andrija Boskovic pushes his way into 1st with 92 points, Andrew Russ moves down into 2nd with 85 points and John Arden moves back into 3rd with 78 points.


Left to Right: Colin Bowman – 3rd, Frankie Ho – 1st, Sean Hopkins – 2nd

The battle of the NC’s and NB’s for who can bake the most beans continues on, and boy is it close. Colin Bowman takes 3rd in his NC with a 2:02.931. Sean Hopkins lines up to take 2nd with 2:02.196 in his NB, but Frankie Ho cooks it juuuuust right to make 1st with a 2:01.455 in his NC.

The NA’s have still yet to be seen!

Championship Update

Frankie Ho remains in 1st with 98 points, Sean Hopkins moves up to 2nd with 74 points and Colin Bowman is right behind in 3rd with 70 points.


Left to Right: Stu Clott – 2nd, Ryan Helmuth – 1st, Daryk Arden – 3rd

It’s all fun and games until you see a Miata with a giant wing coming right up on you. Managing to blow up his motor and somehow still took 3rd was Daryk Arden with a 2:06.790. Stu Clott sped off with a 2:00.357 for 2nd. Ryan Helmuth, who may actually be causing some of these aftershocks with these lap times, places 1st with a

Championship Update

Daryk Arden remains in 1st with 89 points, Ryan Helmuth moves into 2nd close behind with 86 points and Stu Clott is in 3rd with 81 points. The three are mere points away from each other so it’s still anyone’s game.

Thank you all for coming out despite the apocalyptic conditions. Shout out to our sponsors Extreme Speed Track events for hosting, StopTech for stopping and Koyorad for cooling and Good-Win-Racing for making us look cool.

For the full results, visit our Results page.

Hope you’re ready to get 2 fast and 2 furious with round 6, our night event at Streets of Willow (CCW) on August 31st. Register here and use code rc6 for discounted entry.

Now would be a good time to start looking for that underglow you had on your 2003 civic.

Want practice? There’s another night event July 26th! Register for that event here.

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