Round 4 Recap – Streets of Willow

Last Saturday Roadster Cup drivers found themselves back at Streets of Willow for for the fourth round of Roadster Cup. This time though, we were running the track clockwise. Despite the end of the cool weather (I’ll miss you clouds and cold temps), we still saw some very impressive times, and even had a class record broken. Let’s jump into the results!


Left to right: Kevin Eguchi – 2nd, Ryan Cochran – 1st, Clay Phillips – 3rd

Our enthusiast class drivers are definitely keeping us on our toes this season. It has been hard to predict who will end up where on the podium. Clay Phillips was able to secure his spot and take 3rd, bumping Chris Lessner off, by running a 1:34.867 in the final competition session of the day. Kevin Eguchi managed 2nd place with a 1:31.050. Breaking Zee’s previous record, Ryan Cochran was the E class victor with a super fast 1:29.416.

Championship Update

Kevin Eguchi remains in 1st with 61 points and Clay Phillips now sits in 2nd with 55 points. Chris Lessner is close behind both of them with 45 points. Nobody in the top three is is safe though, because the points are close all around! Bronson Montiel, Gabriel Zinzun, and Ryan Cochran are all tied for 4th with 40 points.


Left to right: Erik Brenner (not pictured) – 2nd, Andrija Boskovic – 1st, Andrew Russ 3rd

The race for street class is always tight, and it stayed that way on Saturday. Andrew Russ pulled off 3rd place with a 1:28.633. Erik Brenner managed to fight off Andrew to take 2nd by running a 1:28.373. Andrija Boskovic managed his first Roadster Cup victory by laying down a 1:27.220.

Championship Update

Andrew Russ remains in 1st with 70 points and Erik also stays in his 2nd place position with 68 points. Andrija’s victory pulled him into 3rd place over John Arden, where he’s closing in on Erik with 67 points. John isn’t out of the game yet, he was pushed to 4th with 60 points.


Left to right: Brian Ratte – 2nd, Colin Bowman – 1st, Frankie Ho – 3rd

The NB and NC drivers are really duking it out in Mod this year. This event was no different and the drivers managed to make an NB sandwich. In his NC, Frankie Ho placed 3rd with a 1:27.013. Piloting his NB, Brian Ratte took 2nd place with a 1:26.487. In the end, the NC was the winner by a tenth of a second. Colin Bowman took 1st place with a 1:26.396.

Championship Update

Frankie remains in 1st place with 73 points, Brian in 2nd with 67 points and Sean in 3rd with 56 points. Colin’s win helped put him only 1 point behind Sean in 4th with 55 points.


Left to right: Arik Crowe (not pictured) – 3rd, Daryk Arden – 1st, Stu Clott – 2nd

Unlimited class always brings us some cool cars and fast times! Arik Crowe ran a 1:27.825 to gain 3rd place. Stu Clott ran a 1:24.948, putting him in 2nd place. Daryk Arden not only managed to take 1st in Unlimited, he also ran the fastest time of day for of all track day participants (including cars outside of Roadster Cup) with a 1:22.660. He was only six-tenths from the record and we’re betting when the weather cools down, you’ll see his name under the unlimited record for Streets!

Championship Update

The unlimited championship is very close! Daryk’s victory helped pull him into 1st with 74 points. Stu moved into 2nd place with 63 points and Ryan Helmuth is close behind in 3rd with 61 points. Ryan had an alternator issue during the first session, so he wasn’t able to put a time down. Daryk shouldn’t get too comfortable because we think Ryan will be back!

A huge thanks to our sponsors Extreme Speed Track Events, StopTech, Koyorad, and Good-Win-Racing once again for the support. A special shout out to Brad from StopTech for always making the drive to come and hangout with us (even when it’s almost a hundred degrees!) and Scott from Koyo for driving and hanging out with us! Some great coverage that was provided by Joseph Lin (@jlinmedia) can be found on the Photos page. For the full results, visit our Results page.

Thank you all for joining us in the heat of Rosamond for round 4. We will be running with our friends from Vtec Club at our next event at Buttonwillow on Sunday, July 7th. Use the codes rc5 or round2 at checkout for discounted registration. There are already about 50 people signed up, so we recommend getting registered ASAP if you plan to attend. Since this is a RC x Vtec Club exclusive competition day, coupon packs will not be accepted. Register here

We hope to see you there!

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