Round 3 Recap – Streets of Willow

A not so long time ago, at a racetrack not too far away…

Roadster Cup
Episode III
May 4th, 2019

Princess Touda continues on with the 3rd event of her Miata racing series of the year taking us to Earth for Streets of Willow (CCW). The temperatures were starting to heat up as we entered May with the sun leaving many slightly burned.


Ryan Cochran – 3rd | Kevin Eguchi – 1st | Clay Phillips – 2nd

Enthusiast class was a continual battle amongst all throughout the day. After many days of trying to build his car to class, Ryan Cochran’s feats proved successful as he took 3rd place with a 1:34.844 for his first competition run with Roadster Cup. Clay Phillips did indeed have his revenge easily taking 2nd place with a 1:33.746, but Kevin Eguchi makes his return for the throne with a 1:32.606 for 1st place.

Championship Update

Kevin Eguchi takes 1st with 43 points as Bronson Montiel and Clay Phillips are tied for 2nd with 40 points.


John Arden – 3rd | Erik Brenner – 1st | Andrija Boskovic – 2nd

With a variety of more advanced systems, Street class competitors were giving each other a run for their money. Wise with his craft, John Arden makes his way into 3rd with a 1:28.537. Andrija Boskovic played a hard game placing 2nd with a 1:28.013 but Erik Brenner did not let him off easy and took 1st by a hair with a 1.27.940.

Championship Update

Andrew Russ remains in 1st with 55 points and Erik Moves into 2nd with 50 points over John Arden in 3rd with 48.


Frankie Ho – 3rd | Sean Hopkins – 1st | Colin Bowman – 2nd

The Imperial NC fighters took to the sky in full force throughout the day in attempts to take out the A and B-wings. Colin Bowman came screaming by with a 1.26.917 for 3rd Darth Frankie was ahead in the chase with a 1.26.729 to place 2nd, but the ace piloting of Sean Hopkins put him at 1:26.445 giving a win for the rebel Tri-Point alliance.

Championship Update

Frankie remains in 1st place with 58 points, Brian in 2nd with 49 points and Sean moves into 3rd with 44 points.


Ryan Helmuth – 3rd | Daryk Arden – 1st | Gary Drew – 3rd

The power of the downforce was strong with the unlimited class as they manuvered their way around the dangerous dirt fields and other competitors. Gary Drew who flew in at 1:23.494 for 3rd and Ryan Helmuth at 1:23.161 for 2nd were both in and out while also impressively running an endurance race nextdoor at Big Willow. Finding his way out of 4th and into hyperdrive was Daryk Arden completing the Streets run in 1:22.625 parsecs for 1st.

Championship Update

Ryan remains in 1st with 61 points, Gary in 2nd with 55 points and Daryk moves into 3rd with 49 points.

Big thanks to our sponsors Extreme Speed Track Events, StopTech, Koyorad, and Good-Win-Racing once again for the support. Some great coverage was provided by Nguyen Bui (@nbvisual) and Joseph Lin (@bladecerco) can be found on the Photos page. For the full results, visit our Results page.

Thank you all for joining us in round 3. We travel back to Streets of Willow CW on June 15th. Use the code rc 4 at checkout for discounted registration. Register here.

May the downforce be with you.
RIP porkins

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