Last Saturday Big Willow welcomed Roadster Cup drivers for the second round of the season. The sun was up early and these are the months where temperatures are still cool before we head into the heat of summer. This meant there was plenty of opportunity for fast times to be set. We had a great turnout of 40 drivers this time around, and fortunately the track was long enough that some of us were lapped only twice. Let’s jump into the results!


Reaching top speeds of up to almost 103 mph and with Connor and Kevin not showing up, the Enthusiast class was open game. Clay Phillips was well situated at the end of the day in 3rd place with a 1:48.960 , but in a last ditch effort and literally walking in during the awards ceremony with a new time set in his fourth session, Chris Lessner slammed down a 1:47.876 taking third place by a second. A congrats to Chris on his first podium, but best be warned, Clay’s revenge won’t be the only heat you’ll have to fight off now that you’ve been noticed. Coming in second with a 1:46.293 and great disappointment from his family for not having googly eyes on for “aero” excuses, is Lehrick Leung. And with a first time winner, second time competitor Bronson Montiel pulled off a 1:45.086 for first place.

Championship Update

Bronson moves up into 1st with 40 points, Connor to 2nd with 25 points and Chris takes 3rd with 23 points.


Andrew Russ – 2nd, Erik Brenner – 1st, John Arden – 3rd

Street class came in hot with the podium times being all within one second of each other. Never let your guard down when John Arden is around because he’ll learn you today with a 1:37.959 taking home 3rd. Andrew Russ effortlessly making a transition from Enthusiast to Street pulls off a 1:37.456 for 2nd. It just wasn’t quite enough for one of Tri-Point’s very own. Despite missing the first round, Erik Brenner returned this season to show he’s still in the game and ran a 1:37.057 to take 1st.

Championship Update

The rankings remain the same with Andrew in 1st with 43 points, John in 2nd with 33 points and Zee in 3rd with 25 points.


Sean Hopkins – 2nd, Frankie Ho – 1st, Colin Bowman – 3rd

The winds of the high desert began to blow with great force throughout the day bringing not only the inconvenience of having to pick up your chair over and over, but also the treacherous drones of cruise ships known as the NC. Piloting the category II NC was Colin Bowman running a 1:35.898 for 3rd place. Another one of the Tri-Point boys, Sean Hopkins in his NB, fended himself off for 2nd with a 1:35.434. And with a recent aero upgrade putting his NC into category IV was Frankie Ho with a 1:34.760 for 1st place.

Championship Update

Frankie moves into 1st place with 40 points moving Brian Ratte into 2nd with 37 points and Chris Willard moves into 3rd with 28 points.


Stu Clot – 2nd, Ryan Helmuth – 1st, Gary Drew – 3rd

There’s never enough open track for the pace put down by those in the unlimited class. Once again, it was an all day battle with these three chasing each other down. Third place was taken by Gary Drew with a 1:30.702. Pulling ahead by just a hair was Stu Clott with 1:30.456. And all the while yelling at people to get out of the way came Ryan Helmuth with a 1:29.335.

Championship Update

Ryan takes 1st with 43 points from Gary in 2nd who has 40 points and Stu places 3rd with 33 points.

A special shout out to our sponsors Extreme Speed Track Events, StopTech, Koyorad, and Good-Win-Racing as without them, our cars would probably be broken in a garage. Also, a huge thank you to Nguyen Bui (@nbvisual) for providing his awesome photos for us. Visit our Photos page to see more shots from this round.

As that concludes the events of round 2, the rest of the year is still upon us. Will it be the year of the boats? Is there anyone who can contest the Tri-Point boys? Will Daryk’s transmission shift out of 4th? Find out in a week on May 4th (yep, Star Wars day!) at Round 3 of Roadster Cup where we drive backwards (CCW) at Streets of Willow. Use the code rc3 at checkout to save $21 on registration. Register here.

Photo courtesy of Brian Ratte from Mod class.

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