Round 1 Recap: Chuckwalla

Last Sunday was the opening round of the 2019 Roadster Cup season. We were excited to head back to Chuckwalla to start off the year after our three-month break.

We shared the track with our friends from Vtec Club who were also kicking off their season. The track was packed with competitors between the two competitions. Roadster Cup held a field of 41 drivers mixed with a lot of new faces and RC veterans. The weather was mild and perfect for a competition day. It allowed people to go faster throughout the day, meaning nobody was safely guaranteed to stay in their position after the first couple of sessions. The competition was fierce, keeping everyone on their toes throughout the day. It was clear everyone was there to push themselves to the limits and win.


In third place was Roadster Cup newcomer, Bronson Montiel (pictured on the left above). He pulled off his podium spot with a 2:14.470. Shout out to Bronson for sending me a photo since we missed him at the awards ceremony! Kevin Eguchi is a long-time competitor who is starting to get comfortable on the podium (pictured on the right above). He took 2nd place with a 2:11.217. Conner Morris (pictured in the center above) hasn’t been competing in Roadster Cup long, however he always shows he’s serious when he does. He took the E-class victory with a 2:10.729, beating the previous record set by Andrew Russ.

Championship Update

Conner sits in 1st with 25 points, Kevin in 2nd with 18 points, and Bronson is in 3rd with 15 points.


Left to right: Zee Reid (3rd), Andrew Russ (1st), John Arden (2nd)

Not only does Zee Reid help with Roadster Cup gridding and track operations, he has earned the nickname “Z smooth” for his fast, smooth driving! He took 3rd place in Street with a 2:08.276. John Arden is a seasoned Roadster Cup driver who I like to think of as silent, but deadly. John is one of the nicest people who is relatively reserved, but he comes for blood on the track. John came in 2nd by running a 2:06.800. You may recognize Andrew Russ as last year’s Enthusiast champion, but this year he has his sights set on the Street class championship. Andrew took 1st place by running a 2:04.950.

Championship Update

Andrew is in 1st place with 25 points, John is in 2nd with 18 points, and Zee is in 3rd with 15 points.


Left to right: Frankie Ho (3rd), Brian Ratte (1st), Chris Willard (2nd)

Typically Street class has the largest group of competitors, but I was surprised and stoked to see that there were 17 drivers in Modified class this round. There was an intense battle for the podium and Frankie Ho ended up with 3rd place by running a 2:04.641. Chris Willard managed to pull ahead of Frankie by 2 tenths and take 2nd with a 2:04.460. In the end, it was Brian Ratte who came out on top with his first win in Roadster Cup. He stole 1st place by running a 2:03.483. Just a heads up, Brian – Chris told me he’s coming for you at round 2 at Big Willow! 🙂

Championship Update

Brian kicks off the year in 1st with 25 points, Chris is in 2nd with 18 points, and Frankie is in 3rd with15 points.


Stu Clott (3rd), Gary Drew (1st), Ryan Helmuth (2nd)

Unlimited class had a healthy field of 8 drivers with a great battle for 1st place. In 3rd place was Stu Clott with a 1:59.228. Ryan Helmuth is another new face to the series. He stole 2nd from Stu with a 1:58.928. Gary Drew (also a newcomer) snatched the victory from Ryan during the last session that counted toward the competition with a 1:58.639, setting the fastest time of the day in Roadster Cup.

We hope to see all of our Unlimited class competitors return for round 2. Reigning champ, Daryk Arden is going to come back to round 2 looking for redemption!

Championship Update

Gary is in 1st place with 25 points, Ryan is in 2nd with 18 points, and Stu is in 3rd with 15 points.

Congratulations to all of our winners! For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos from the event, visit the Photos page. A huge thanks to Mitchel Yardley for taking our photos!

We are so grateful to our sponsors Extreme Speed Track Events, StopTech, Koyorad, and Good-Win-Racing. A special thanks to Brian, Ryan, and Greg from Good-Win-Racing and Scott and Alex from Koyo for coming out. Please be sure to support our sponsors because they are the ones who help keep us going!

A HUGE thank you to all of the Roadster Cup competitors, friends, family, and supporters. Your passion and dedication is what keeps the series alive!

We hope to see you at our next round on April 20 at Big Willow. This will be a competition day for American Muscle Cup along with a beginners ground school for Vtec Club, so be sure to sign up as soon as you can! Use the code rc2 at checkout to save $25 on registration. Register here.

Want more seat time before April 20? Come out to Streets of Willow with Extreme Speed. Use the code Willow30 for a $79 registration fee. Saturday will be run CCW and Sunday will be CW. Register on the Extreme Speed website.

See you soon!


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