A Guide to Roadster Cup Prep

The year is 2019. Ice caps are melting, Paris is on fire and our government is in the midst of the longest shutdown in American history over a wall. But through all the turmoil, delayed tax refunds, and not really having anything better to do, nothing is stopping our competitors from the annual tradition known as #roadstercupprep.

Participating in this series not only links you to a tight knit community of enthusiasts, but also provides access to discounts and incentives from a number of sponsors willing to put up with our rowdy bunch.

With the first round less than two months away, there’s only so much prep time between raves and hair appointments. So here’s a quick little guide to help get going.


There were a couple of changes to the rules this year, so make sure you take a good look at the tech sheet here. If you have any questions you have about the rules, series or your build, feel free to post in the Roadster Cup Facebook Group.

Support our Sponsors

Support our sponsors by purchasing any parts you need through them! The series wouldn’t be possible without them, make sure to show them some love!


Want to lock up your brakes and leave a cloud of tactical smoke to slow down all those who oppose you? StopTech has all you needs for brake pads, rotors, and accessories.

Roadster Cup drivers, along with their friends and family, will receive  special pricing for all products. For more information regarding the special pricing, please fill out our contact form below and one of us will get in touch with you.

Stoptech.com | Facebook | Instagram

Good-Win Racing

Any performance Miata parts that actually work can be found at Good-win Racing. “We race what we sell.” Good-Win is currently having a large sale, so go check out their website.

Good-win Racing.com | Facebook | Instagram


Did you start overheating or just need something shiny to avert eyes away from potentially questionable parts against the rules? Pick up a Koyorad radiator or oil cooler from your favorite online retailer!

Koyorad.com | Facebook | Inst

Used Parts

Looking for some used parts? Try visiting these Facebook Groups and Pages:
Trackable Miatas
SoCal Miata parts/cars for sale/trade/wtb
Miata Club

Still can’t find what you need from them? Take a quick look on Craigslist, Miata Parts for sale (Socal /Norcal), Trackable Miatas BST or reach out to Joshua Empfield, CEO and president of Joshua Empfield’s Wacky Wavy Super Mazdaspeed Miata Parts Emporium and Warehouse. Due to a send it error, he is currently overstocked on Mazdaspeed Miata parts and he is passing the savings on to you!

The Racer’s Edge

Purchase high performance auto parts at The Racer’s Edge.

"Buy two big ones and get free same day delivery by 9pm" 
- Brian O'Conner


If you need work done, try visiting our friends at Tri-Point or Indotech Motorsports:

Indotech Motorsports
Alex Tan
Arcadia, CA
Facebook | Instagram

Tri-Point Engineering
Sean Hopkins
Canoga Park, CA
Facebook | Instagram

Mazda Motorsports Support Program

After you’ve competed in 2 events, you’re eligible for Mazdaspeed membership where you can get all those sweet parts oem parts you broke. All you have to do is fill out the membership application and submit the results sheets with your application (these can be downloaded in the results section of the website).

Benefits Include (full description, details, and registration):

  • Ability to buy Mazda-approved stock and competition parts at specially discounted rates
  • Access to the most comprehensive OEM-SUPPORTED  program in the industry – contingency support and technical support (800.435.2508)
  • Fast and affordable delivery across the country including Saturday delivery to many race tracks

That just about does it for our guide to Roadster Cup Prep. If you want to flex on or trash talk the other competitors, join the conversation in our Facebook Group or post up your progress on Instagram with the tag #roadstercupprep. See you guys March 10th at Chuckwalla!


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Check out Roadster Cup on Facebook and Instagram

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