2019 Rules Posted

We’re excited to announce that the rules for the 2019 season have been updated and posted. Check out the Rules page for a copy of the tech form and more details.

Click here to download the Roadster Cup tech form

What’s different this year?

It’s hard to tell what changes were made without looking at last year’s tech form, so here’s a quick overview of the changes that were made.

  • The Fiat 124 Spider was added and is now eligible to compete in Roadster Cup. The chassis points are equivalent to a pre-2019 ND.
  • The points for the NC and ND were adjusted.
    • The NC was previously 3 points and we raised it to 3.5 points.
    • Pre 2019 NDs are now 5 points and 2019 or newer NDs will be 6 points. If there is a bone stock ND, or 124 Spider, they may compete in Enthusiast class. This allows a completely stock ND/124 Spider to compete in Enthusiast, but gives them less points to play with in higher classes to give NA and NB drivers more options and flexibility to be competitive with the newer, faster chassis.
  • Spec Miata Penske Dampers were added under the Suspension section. They are worth 2 points.
  • The following clarification was made to rules that already existed:
    • Under the Power Modifications section: Any non-Miata engine swaps – Intake and headers required for the swap are included, do not add points
    • Under the Weight section: Dashboard

Those are the major updates for rules this year. Good luck with your RC prep and we hope to see you at our first round on March 10th at Chuckwalla. RSVP to the event on Facebook here.


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