Round 6 Recap: Horse Thief Mile

Last Saturday was the 6th round of Roadster Cup at Horse Thief Mile. It was the first time we ran HTM since 2016, and the heat was in full effect with a high of 104 degrees. It was so hot we only counted times toward competition until the 3rd session rather than the usual 4th session. This was a lot of competitors first time at the track, so it was anyone’s game. Let’s jump into the results!



Piloting his NA, Clay Phillips took 3rd place with a 1:12.890. Andrew Russ missed the top spot on the podium by one-tenth and pulled off second with a 1:05.466. Brandon Morris took 1st place and set a new class record with a 1:05.354.

Championship Update

Brandon remains in 1st place with 118 points, however, Andrew Russ remains close behind with 101 points, and Clay Phillips remains in 3rd with 67 points. 


The fight in Street class was close! 1st-4th place were only separated by five-tenths. In 3rd place was John Arden with a 1:04.509. Despite recovering from a cold, Zee took 2nd place with a 1:04.501. Taking the victory in Street class was Colin Bowman with a 1:04.201.

Championship Update

Zee remains in 1st place with 102 points. Erik remains in 2nd place with 93 points. Colin’s win brought him into 3rd place with 85 points. There are still 3 rounds left, and it’s anyone’s championship!


With how close Street class was, it’s hard to believe it could get any closer, but it did. 2nd-6th place was only separated by 4-tenths (check out the full Mod Class results here)! Chris Willard took 3rd place with a 1:04.194. Sean Hopkins squeezed his way into 2nd place with a 1:04.093. Joseph Acuna was the Mod victor with a 1:03.896.

Championship Update

Chris Willard remains 1st place with 115 points. Sean Hopkins remains in 2nd place with 94 points. Joseph Acuna’s win put him back into 3rd place with 89 points, pushing Michael Bassani into 4th.  


Unlimited doesn’t always have the most people, but we always see some fast times coming from this class! In 3rd place was Jeramy Rehwald with a 1:05.039. Daryk Arden placed 2nd with a 1:01.580 in his Ecotec Miata. Jerry is on a mission to prove (to Jorge) that naturally aspirated is the way to go! Jerry pulled off 1st place, fastest time of the day (for Roadster Cup), and set a new class record with a 1:00.857.

Championship Update

Jerry remains in 1st place with 110 points. Daryk pulled into 2nd place with 90 points, pushing  Jeff Klavir into 3rd with 83 points.


For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos from the event, visit the Photos page. A huge thanks to Michael Bassani for taking photos at the event!

BLOG-FEATURED-3.jpgThanks again to everyone who made it out and stuck through the heat. Roadster Cup wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing drivers, sponsors, and supporters, so thank you all!

We hope to see you at round 7 at Streets of Willow on Saturday, October 13. We will be running clockwise. Register on the Extreme Speed Track Events website. Use the code willow13 to reduce your registration to $99.

RD 7 Flyer Final.jpg

See you soon!


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