Round 5 Recap: Buttonwillow

Saturday, June 30th was the 5th round of Roadster Cup at Buttonwillow. This was an event run with our friends from Vtec Club, so it was exclusively Miatas, Hondas, and Acuras, and strictly a competition day.  The heat made it clear that the summer track season is officially here. We decided to run 13 CCW, which is unusual for us, and made for an interesting day. We also had more competitors than normal from up north, so it was nice to see some fresh faces. Let’s see how the results panned out!


Kevin Eguchi managed 3rd place with a 2:20.937. Ken Kirkpatrick of Innovative Mounts pulled off 2nd place in his stock NC by running a 2:15.394. Andrew Russ only ran a couple sessions and left halfway through the day but managed the E class victory by running a 2:20.937.

Championship Update

Brandon remains in 1st place with 93 points, however, Andrew Russ is closing in on him in 2nd with 83 points! Clay Phillips pushed Arik Crowe out of 3rd place after this event. Clay sits in 3rd with 52 points. 


Street class had the largest field with 13 competitors. Despite the heavy competition, Max Flaxman managed 3rd place with a 2:08.956. Zee Reid fought hard for 1st but came up short just by a hair. Zee managed 2nd place in his ND with a 2:07.712. Colin Bowman was able to find the tenth he needed to beat Zee and take the victory. Colin pulled off 1st place with a 2:07.635.

Championship Update

Zee moved into 1st place with 84 points. Erik had to drive his NC this round due to issues with his NB, so he moved into 2nd place. Don’t count him out, though he sits in 2nd with 81 points. Max Flaxman remains in 3rd place, but pulls closer to Erik in 2nd, with 78 points.


In Mod, Joseph Acuna pulled off 3rd place with a 2:07.899. Michael Bassani (the official Roadster Cup photographer!) managed 2nd place with 2:07.679. Chris Willard bested the rest of Mod with his 2:06.956, and finally giving us a record for our Mod class in this configuration!

Championship Update

Chris Willard pulled into 1st place with 100 points, pushing Sean Hopkins into 2nd place with 76 points. Michael Bassani sits in 3rd with 66 points, knocking Joseph into 4th with 64 points. It’s still anyone’s game! 


Even though there weren’t a ton of competitors in Unlimited this round, the battle was close! The entire podium was only separated by 4 tenths, with 1st and 2nd only separated by a tenth. Daryk Arden took 3rd place with a 2:01.859. Jorge and Jerry duked it out for 1st place, but in the end there could only be one winner! Jerry pulled off 2nd with a 2:01.597, leaving Jorge with the W this round with a 2:01.407.

Championship Update

Jerry pulled into 1st place with 85 points with Jeff Klavir close behind in 2nd with 83 points., and Daryk remains in 3rd place with 72 points.

For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos from the event, visit the Photos page. A huge thanks to Michael Bassani for taking photos at the event!

Thanks again to everyone who made it out and stuck through the heat. Roadster Cup wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing drivers, sponsors, and supporters. A special thank you to Brad from StopTech and Scott and Alex from Koyo who came out to support and hang with us!

We may go silent for a bit because we have a summer break (summer track days suck!), but we hope to see you at our meet on August 4th, details to follow this week. If you can’t make the meet, we hope to see you at round 6 at Horse Thief Mile for Mazfest September 8.

Have a great summer!


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