Round 4 Recap: Streets of Willow

Saturday, May 26 was round 4 of Roadster Cup at Streets of Willow. We were running CCW, and the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold. There was a decent spread of drivers in each class with a total of 30 drivers for the event with a mix of new and familiar faces. Let’s dive(bomb) into the results!


We were missing a few of our E class drivers this event, so it made for a fresh podium! Piloting his googly-eyed NA, Lehrick Leung pulled off 3rd place with a 1:35.507. Clay Phillips set his fastest lap during the last session of the day and pushed his way into 2nd place with a 1:34.943. Despite only running one session due to mechanical issues, Brandon Morris pulled off 1st place with a 1:30.294.

Brandon Morris, 1st Place
Clay Phillips, 2nd Place
Lehrick Leung, 3rd Place

Championship Update

There are no major changes in the championship standings. Brandon remains in 1st place with 93 points, Andrew Russ in 2nd with 58 points, and Arik Crowe in 3rd place with 48 points. Clay’s podium this round pulled him into 4th place with 42 points, so be careful Arik, he’s coming for you!


The Street Class battle never disappoints and these guys just keep getting faster! Colin Bowman pulled of 3rd place by 4-tenths by running a 1:29.492. Piloting his ND, Zee Reid, a.k.a Chocolate Thunder, a.k.a Zee Smooth, managed 2nd with a 1:28.173. No one in Street could catch Erik Brenner, though. He took the victory with a 1:27.814.


Erik Brenner, 1st Place
Zee Reid, 2nd Place
Colin Bowman, 3rd Place

Championship Update

The Streetchampionship standings keep changing after each round! Erik’s victory moved him into 1st place with 75 points. Zee moved from 3rd to 2nd after this round with 66 points, but Max Flaxman is still close behind Zee in 3rd with 63 points.


The Mod podium was full of familiar faces. Joseph Acuna was able to hold off newcomer Brian Ratte and Michael Bassani for his spot on the podium by running a 1:29.072 for 3rd place.  Despite a mishap on track, Sean Hopkins pulled off 2nd place with a 1:27.555. Chris Willard took 1st place with a 1:26.951.

Chris Willard, 1st Place
Sean Hopkins, 2nd Place
Joseph Acuna, 3rd Place

Championship Update

Sean remains in 1st with 76 points, with Chris Willard hot on his tail in 2nd with 75 points. Joseph Acuna pulled into 3rd place with 49 points, but Michael sits close behind in 4th with 48 points. NOBODY IS SAFE! 


We’ve been so happy to see our Unlimited class grow throughout the years and we’re seeing a decent number of cars at each event, making for good battles! Daryk Arden managed 3rd place with a 1:26.342. Jorge Castillo made it back out for this event and managed 2nd place with a 1:25.474. Jeff Klavir was the Unlimited victor with a 1:24.799.

Jeff Klavir, 1st Place
Jorge Castillo, 2nd Place


Daryk Arden, 3rd Place

Championship Update

Jeff Klavir remains in 1st with 83 points, Jerry remains in 2nd place with 67 points, and Daryk remains in 3rd place with 57 points.

For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos from the event, visit the Photos page. A huge thanks to Michael Bassani and Jon Pitman for taking photos at the event!

Thanks again to everyone who made it to Streets. Roadster Cup wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing drivers, sponsors, and supporters. A special thank you to Brad from StopTech who came out to support and hang with us!

We hope to see you at round 5 at Buttonwillow on June 30. We’ll be running 13 CCW and it will be a Roadster Cup, Vtec Club exclusive event that is sure to sell out. Register as soon as possible to secure your spot. Use code RC5 at checkout for a discount.

Register for round 5 here

See you soon!


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