Round 2 Recap: Streets of Willow

Round 2 of the Roadster Cup took place last Sunday at Streets of Willow, running counter-clockwise. Practice on Saturday was free for anyone registered for Roadster Cup on Sunday, so many of us drove the day before and camped in the freezing cold and wind. The practice the day before seemed to help a lot of drivers since many achieved new PBs and a record was broken during the competition on Sunday. Let’s jump into the results.


Left to right: Arik Crowe (2nd), Brandon Morris (1st), Andrew Russ (3rd)

We’re only two events in and we can tell Enthusiast class is going to have an interesting battle this year! Andrew Russ pulled off 3rd place with a 1:32.657. Arik Crowe managed 2nd place with a 1:32.236. Brandon was flying and pulled off a 1:30.079 for the Enthusiast victory!

Championship Update

Brandon remains in 1st place with 50 points, Andrew and Arik are tied for 2nd place with 33 points, and Suren Simonyan and Clay Phillips are creeping up on the competition with 20 points.


Left to Right: Max Flaxman (3rd), Erik Brenner (1st), Zee Reid (2nd)


Left to Right: Max Flaxman (3rd), Erik Brenner (1st), Zee Reid (2nd)

In Street class Max Flaxman earned 3rd place with a 1:29.289. Zee Reid was close to the top spot, but was only able to pull of 2nd place with his 1:28.566. After missing the first round, Erik Brenner let us all know he was back by stealing 1st place from Zee in the last session of the day with a 1:28.450.

Championship Update

Max Flaxman and Zee Reid are tied for first place with 33 points, Chris Willard and Erik Brenner are tied with 25 points, and John Arden is close behind with 22 points.


The Modified results were by far the closest with 1st-3rd place only separated by 6 tenths! In 3rd place, Hanno Hagedorn reappeared for this season because he felt guilty for stabbing us in the back and driving his Mustang in American Muscle Cup at our first round at Big Willow (jk Hanno! :)) and ran a 1:27.918. Our friend Sean Hopkins at Tri-Point engineering beat Hanno for 2nd place by running a 1:27.881. After bullying Chris Willard for not moving up from Street class, he gave into the peer pressure and ran Mod class. It paid off because he placed 1st with a 1:27.319.

Championship Update

Sean remains in 1st with 43 points, Chris Willard pulled into second place with 25 points, and Joseph Acuna sits in 3rd with 22 points. Justin Ross and Michael Bassani are close behind with 18 points each.


Each event our Unlimited class just continues to get faster and faster, the times they pull of are ridiculous! In 3rd place was Jerry Arnone with a 1:25.122. Jeff Klavir pulled off 2nd placed with a 1:24.614. Ryan Passey of Goodwin Racing brought his mean looking NA out and took the Unlimited class victory, fastest time of the day, and record by running a 1:19.488!

Championship Update

Jeff Klavir remains in 1st with 43 points, Jerry moved into 2nd place with 30 points, and Ryan Passey is in 3rd with 25 points. Daryk is trailing with 24 points.

Just because you’re not on the podium, that doesn’t mean you’re not a winner! We had lots of lucky winners at our raffle during the awards ceremony (a couple of them also happened to be on the podium in their class, so their day got even better after the raffle)! Raffle winners won a Federal planner/calendar set, $25 Starbucks gift cards, and a free track day!


For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos, visit the Photos page. Also, we’ve recently launched a Records page. Check it out to see all of the current Roadster Cup Records!

We hope to see you at round 3 at Chuckwalla on April 29. Our next event is a Roadster Cup/Vtec Club exclusive, so it will sell out. We recommend registering ASAP. Use the code RC3 for discounted registration AND discounted practice Saturday.  Register today! 

See you soon!


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