Round 1 Recap: Big Willow (WSIR)


Sunday’s event at Big Willow was the opening round of the 2018 season of Roadster Cup. With only a little under two months since our 2017 season closer, drivers scrambled to have their cars ready for this round. Many drivers classed up and others stayed in the same class they ran last year, determined to lock in the championship. With a field of 35 cars we also had a lot of new faces, which we always love. So without further ado, let’s jump into the results


In 3rd, we had RC first-timer Arik Krowe, with a 1:43.320! In 2nd place, returning to E class, Andrew Russ pulled off a 1:42.167. Brandon Morris also returned to Enthusiast this year, except this year his car isn’t quite as dry as it was last year. He pulled off the win with a 1:40.890.

Championship Update

Brandon is in 1st place with 25 points, Andrew is in 2nd with 18, and Arik is in 3rd with 15 points.


Street Class is always filled with some great battles! Last year’s Enthusiast champion, Zee Reid (aka Chocolate Thunder) came in 3rd place with a 1:38.717. Max Flaxman managed 2nd place with a 1:36.750. Chris Willard returned to Street class where he drove himself to victory with a 1:35.569 and a new record at Big Willow!

Championship Update

Chris Willard  is in 1st with 25 points, Max Flaxman is in 2nd with 18 points, and Zee Reid is in 3rd with 15 points.


The Mod podium had some new faces! In 3rd, Remi Deschastenet took his first ever RC podium with a 1:38.377. Our friend from up north over at GarageStar, Justin Ross worked through the morning to get his car ready and it paid off! He managed 2nd place with a 1:36.910. Sean Hopkins of Tri-Point Engineering managed the top spot on the podium with a 1:35.571.

Championship Update

Sean is in 1st with 25 points, Justin is in 2nd with 18 points, and Remi sits in 3rd with 15 points.


Jerry, last year’s Modified champ made the jump to Unlimited and pulled off 3rd place with a 1:31.825. Jorge Castillo made his return to the Roadster Cup after a year-long hiatus and managed 2nd place by running a 1:30.669. We must add we are so happy to see the Jerry-Jorge rivalry back at last! Last year’s Unlimited champ is back and faster than ever! Jeff Klavir pulled off the V with a 1:28.873 and a new class record at Big Willow! Awesome job, Jeff! If we had an award for most improved right now, you definitely would have earned it.

Championship Update

Jeff Klavir is in 1st with 25 points, Jorge is in 2nd with 18 points, and Jerry is in 3rd with 15 points.


Aside from our podium winners, we also had some lucky winners at our raffle during the awards ceremony! Jorge won a Yeti cooler provided by Extreme Speed Track Events.  Chris Young also won a free track day at Willow Springs or Buttonwillow!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the event! Check out more photos from the event below and even more on our Photos page (linked below). Also, a special thank you to Michael Bassani for all of the awesome photos. We also would like to thank our sponsors Extreme Speed Track Events, Koyorad, StopTech, and Good-Win-Racing. Without them, the Roadster Cup would not be possible.

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For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos, visit the Photos page. Also, we’ve recently launched a Records page. Check it out to see all of the current Roadster Cup Records!

We hope to see you at round 2 at Streets of Willow on February 18. We have a special deal where if you’re signed up for Sunday, you get Saturday practice FREE! Just make sure you are pre-registered. Use the code RC2 to drop the price to $60. You read right, you get 2 days of track time for $60. Register today! 

We also know round 3 at Chuckwalla will fill up fast since it’s a Roadster Cup, Vtec Club exclusive! Register for round 3 using the code RC3 to lower your Sunday registration to $130. You also get Saturday practice at a special rate of $80! Register today!

See you soon!


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