Round 1 Rundown – Big Willow

We’re so excited for the season opener this Sunday at Big Willow! For those of you who are newcomers, be sure to read this entire post as it will have important information regarding how the day will operate. For those of you who are seasoned veterans, you should also read it because you guys always ask me the same questions related to what’s covered in this post the morning of the event. šŸ˜‰

If you havenā€™t registered yet check out our registration pageĀ here! Be sure to use promo code RC1 at checkout to lower your registration fee to $89. Also, round 2 (March 3) at Streets of Willow is already half-full, so be sure to register ASAP. Use code RC2 at checkout to lower your registration fee to $100.


Registration ā€“ ArriveĀ between 7:00-7:30am

Touda will be there early and we will have our own registration line.Ā Before coming to register with us, you must have a Driver Waiver and general tech form filled out. We will have Roadster Cup tech forms available, but I recommend printing one (download and print here) ahead of time and bringing it with you. So you will have a grand total of 3 forms.Ā Every participant MUST have a Roadster Cup tech form turned into timing. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.Ā 



Timing is now $7 and must be purchased through Extreme Speed, personal transponders will not work with their system.

Timing will only have one line for all drivers (so itĀ couldĀ be a long wait!). I recommend heading straight to the timing line after registration.Ā You will turn in your Roadster Cup Tech form to Timing.Ā Before going to timing, make sure you have your tech form filled out with the appropriate class so the timing guy can input your information. You must trade an ID or Credit Card as collateral to receive timing. Even if you rent a helmet and leave your ID for that, you still have to leave a second form of ID or a Credit Card with timing. Your ID will be returned to you once youā€™ve returned your transponder.Ā If two people are sharing a car, each driver must have their own transponder and run only one transponder on the car at a time in correspondence with the driver. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.Ā 

Driversā€™ Meeting ā€“ We will have our driversā€™ meeting at 8:00am

TheĀ Roadster Cup run group will have a separate driversā€™ meeting from the general driversā€™ meeting. We will go over gridding, flags, passing, Roadster Cup procedures, and will answer any questions you may have.


Roadster Cup PrivateĀ Group

We will have one private gridded run group. We will try to grid the first session based on previous lap times.

Advanced, Intermediate, and beginnersā€™ will be shared with other cars.

The Roadster Cup group will grid when they announce the session beforehand. We will try to make as many announcements as possible to make sure that you do not miss the call to grid.Ā Any additional time used to grid will cut into your driving time.Ā Ā BE ON TIME TO GRID! Failure to be on time to grid may result in losing your grid spot, and you will be sent out at the back of the group.Ā 

Additional Information

  • Each driver has until their 4th session to set their fastest time.
  • We will have our season stickers available
  • Shirts and keychains will be available for purchase
  • Track maps (Big Willow) and additional facility information can be foundĀ Here

Weā€™re really excited to get back out on track after the short break, and look forward to seeing you all there!


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