Round 8 Recap: Buttonwillow


Yesterday’s event at Buttonwillow was the final round of the 2017 season of the Roadster Cup. With the fear of rain in the back of many drivers’ minds throughout the week, we dodged a bullet and got some amazing track weather instead! We saw some ridiculously fast times and new faces to the podium (which we always love!).

Despite some minor issues with falling behind schedule, overall the day was pretty smooth. We shared the track with our friends from Vtec Club, so there was a field of 30 Miatas dispersed throughout a pit full of Hondas. The advanced Roadster Cup and Vtec Club drivers had a private group exclusive to their respective series, and all others were gridded mixed amongst Hondas and Miatas. It was also Vtec Club’s final round, so Roadster Cup drivers weren’t the only one’s who had competition on their mind.

Let’s see how the day panned out!


In 3rd, we had Kevin Eguchi with a 2:16.569. This was Kevin’s first podium since joining us and the face he made when he heard his name announced at the awards showed that he wasn’t expecting it. Congratulations, Kevin! In 2nd place, Andrew Russ pulled off a 2:10.434. This was good enough to seal his spot as 3rd place for the overall championship! Great job, Andrew! In 1st we had Brandon Morris, who was battling with Zee all season for that Enthusiast title. He was able to run a 2:09.371. He had a secure 2nd place in the overall championship

Championship Update

Since Zee Reid was guaranteed the Enthusiast championship with 151 points, he decided to add some mods to his car and play around in Street Class for this round. You can find his times in the Street Class results. Brandon Morris is 2nd overall with 131 points and Andrew Rush pushed Zach Goldberg out of the way to pull off 3rd place overall with 99 points.

Class champions will be receiving their overall trophies at our banquet in two weeks. To see what prizes winners will receive, visit our Sponsors page*Points are the adjusted totals calculated after the throwaway round is factored in


The race for Street Class was tight! Erik Brenner came in 3rd place with a 2:04.814. Chris Willard came in 2nd with a 2:03.729 only one three-tenths from 1st. Edwin Seung, one of our friends from up north, took the Street Class victory with a 2:03.434, only a tenth off from the previous record.

Championship Update

Chris Willard secured the championship with 136 points. Erik Brenner is 2nd place overall with 117 points and John Arden took 3rd place with 102 points.


Daryk managed 3rd place in Mod Class with a 2:03.500. Hanno, who was formerly our favorite German until we found out he was Canadian (who is now our favorite Canadian) pulled off second place with 2:00.891. Jerry smashed his previous Buttonwillow record and was the Mod Class victor with a 1:58.839.

Championship Update

Jerry is our Mod Class champion with 168 points. Hanno is 2nd overall with 120 points and Daryk is 3rd with 103 points.


In Unlimited Class, Roadster Cup newcomer George Koustoumba came in 3rd with a 2:02.824. Welcome and congrats, George! John Carson pulled off 2nd place with a 1:59.979. Annihilating the previous record and coming in 1st was Emilio Cervantes. He also ran the fastest time of the day of the entire event.

Championship Update

Jeff Klavir secured his spot for 1st last round with 106 points, so he didn’t even bother coming to the finale! 😉 James Dyer remained in 2nd with 52 points and Emilio Cervantes pulled into 3rd place with 50 points.

That concludes the last of the results for this year. Thanks so much to everyone who could make it out this round, we had a great time! Thank you to all of our sponsors, StopTech, Koyorad, Circuit Sports, Tri-Point Engineering, Energy Suspension, Extreme Speed Track Events, and Good-Win Racing.

For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos, visit the Photos page. Also, we’ve recently launched a Records page. Check it out to see all of the current Roadster Cup Records!

We also want to thank YOU for everything! The Roadster Cup wouldn’t be possible without you. We are looking forward to the 2018 season and rules and the schedule are in the works. Be sure to check back regularly for updates and join our Facebook group to connect with other drivers and get updates. We are two weeks away from our banquet and closing out the season (my how time flies!). If you won’t be making it to the banquet, we will see you next year!

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