Round 7 Recap: Streets of Willow


Saturday, November 4th was the seventh round of Roadster Cup. The weather was beautiful and all of the PBs and new records were a reminder that after weeks of 100 degree weather, it is officially track season!

It’s hard to believe it was the second to last event of the 2017 season, and that the final event is only 3 weeks away! With the end of the year approaching, some people have secured their championship spot while others are still battling out to take the victory in their class. Let’s jump into the results and see which classes got shaken up!


Our usual suspects in Enthusiast Class were out for blood as they’re running out of events to secure the championship! Andrew Russ snagged 3rd place with a 1:32.794. Piloting his Super Dry Miata, Brandon Morris managed 2nd place with a 1:30.283. Mr. Chocolate Thunder himself, Zee Reid, pulled off first place with 1:29.527 and broke the previous SOW CW record!

Championship Update

Zee remains in 1st with 151 points and secured himself the championship. Brandon stays in 2nd with 121 points and Zach is in 3rd, however he is not safe because Andrew Russ is now tied for 3rd with him, also at 93 points. The last round at Buttonwillow will be crucial in sealing a spot on the podium for 2nd and 3rd in the championship.


John Arden came in 3rd place in Street class with a 1:29.880. Representing Tri-Point Engineering, Erik Brenner managed 2nd place with a 1:29.506. After missing the last two rounds, Chris had to remind everyone he’s still here by stealing 1st place and breaking the Roadster Cup SOW CW record with a 1:27.937.

Championship Update

Chris Willard moved back into first place with 118 points, but Erik Brenner is hot on his tail with 117 points. John sits comfortably in 3rd place with 98 points. I’m excited to see what will come of Street Class at our last round! Who knows, people may join randomly and completely throw the results off! Honestly, I hope that happens, I don’t like when people get away easy. 🙂


We had das fury, Hanno Hagedorn, in 3rd place with a 1:28.462. Since Hanno runs SuperMiata and Roadster Cup, he came to do a lap in Sean Hopkins of Tri-Point Engineering’s car then headed back to ACS for SuperMiata (I think Sean is driving in the photo, but we’ll pretend it’s Hanno; or he can photoshop himself in the car). Daryk Arden pulled off 2nd with a 1:27.854. Jerry Arnone took 1st with a 1:25.274 and broke his previous SOW CW Modified record.

Championship Update

There are currently no changes for the top three in Mod this round. Jerry remains in 1st place with 155 points, Hanno in 2nd with 102 points, and Daryk in 3rd with 88 points.


In Unlimited Class, we had Ben “Tarzan” Melick manage 3rd place with a 1:32.272. Autocross extraordinaire, Anthony Porta placed 2nd with a 1:23.897. Despite not competing this year, Aaron Lyons placed 1st in Unlimited with a blistering fast 1:23.223.

Championship Update

There were not very many changes this round. Jeff Klavir remains 1st this round with 106 points. James Dyer remains in 2nd with 44 points and Ben Melick pulled into 3rd with 42 points. James and Ben will have to battle it out at Buttonwillow. Don’t count out Anthony Porta, though. He is in a close 4th with 36 points. 2nd and 3rd in Unlimited is still a toss up!

Thanks so much to everyone who could make it out this round, we had a great time! Thank you to all of our sponsors, StopTech, Koyorad, Circuit Sports, Tri-Point Engineering, Energy Suspension, Extreme Speed Track Events, and Good-Win Racing.

For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos, visit the Photos page. Also, we’ve recently launched a Records page. Check it out to see all of the current Roadster Cup Records!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all at the final battle of 2017 at Buttonwillow on December 2nd. Visit the Extreme Speed website to register. Register today using the code CW22 to lower your registration fee to $125!

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