Round 6 Recap: Big Willow

Saturday at Big Willow marked the 6th round of the Roadster Cup. The weather was cool with a high of 78, and the run groups were light giving drivers a clear track. It was the perfect day to set a new personal best, or break a Roadster Cup record. In fact, every previous Big Willow record was broken!



The race for the Enthusiast Class victory was very tight as it has been the past few events. That’s okay, though we like competition that keeps u\s on the edge of our seat! Brandon Morris pulled off 3rd place with a 1:39.996. Zee Reid pulled off 2nd place back-to-back with a 1:39.333, only one-tenth from 1st! The “Zee, Brandon, Zach” battle for E-Class has been a close one, but this time Zach came out on top with a 1:39.286, and a new record!

Championship Update

Zee remains in 1st with 126 points. Brandon stays in 2nd with 103 points and Zach is in 3rd, making a move on Brandon. He’s narrowed Brandon’s lead for 2nd from 20 points to 10.


John Arden, no stranger to the Roadster Cup pulled off 3rd place in Street class with a 1:39.997. Erik Brenner managed 2nd place with a 1:37.179. After missing a few rounds this year, Max came out of left-field and made sure everyone knew he’s back by running a 1:36.689, taking the W in Street, and breaking the previous Big Willow record!

Championship Update

Erik Brenner has moved into 1st place with 99 points. After missing two rounds, Chris Willard dropped to 2nd place with his previous 93 points. Don’t get too comfortable yet, Erik, I heard Chris say he’ll be back! John Arden stands in 3rd place with 83 points. John’s still close enough to shake things up for Chris and Erik. Let’s just say these next two rounds will be interesting and very important for the Street class championship!


Daryk had enough fun at ACS and decided to compete in Mod again this round. Despite jumping back and forth between classes, he always seems to end up on the podium! Daryk pulled off 3rd place with a 1:36.626. In 2nd, we had Roadster Cup’s favorite German, Hanno. He managed 2nd with a 1:35.569. Mr. Awesome aka Jerry Arnone took 1st with a 1:32.996 and also broke the Modified record.

Championship Update

There are currently no changes for the top three in Mod this round. Jerry remains in 1st place with 130 points, Hanno in 2nd with 87 points, and Daryk in 3rd with 70 points.


Last, but certainly not least, we come to our Unlimited class. Alan Tseng pulled off 3rd place with a 1:37.444. In 2nd, we had Jeff Klavir with a 1:35.659. And after not competing since round one at Streets of Willow, Jorge Castillo came back after a long hiatus with his new build. Apparently it was worth the wait! He pulled off 1st place with a 1:32.372 and broke the Unlimited record! Welcome back Whore-hay.

Championship Update

No changes this round. Jeff Klavir remains 1st this round with 106 points. James Dyer remains in 2nd with 44 points and Tommy Huang is still in 3rd place with 28 points.

Thanks to everyone who could make it out this round, we had a great time! Thank you to all of our sponsors, and a special thank you to Brad from StopTech for leading a Brake discussion during lunch and hanging out with us during the event, we really appreciate their support for the series! For the full results, visit the Results page. For more photos, visit the Photos page. Also, we’ve recently launched a Records page. Check it out to see all of the current Roadster Cup Records!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all at Round 7 at Streets of Willow in just two weeks on November 4th. Visit the Extreme Speed website to register. Register today!

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