Tri-Point Engineering Partners with Roadster Cup


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We’re excited to announce that our friends at Tri-Point Engineering who have been long time Roadster Cup supporters have officially partnered with us! If you’re unfamiliar with Tri-Point, here’s a little information about them.

Tri-Point Engineering was founded in 1979 when the Mazda RX-7 first became available. Initially starting out with high-performance work on rotary powered vehicles, over the past 30 plus years TPE has expanded it’s service to include all Mazda automobiles, while the focus is on rotary powered cars and Miata track cars.

Tri-Point Engineering has competed in many facets of motorsports since it’s 1990 debut with a ’87 RX-7 SCCA Solo II race car and ProSolo cars, sand rails, drag cars, and many of the hottest high-performance street cars. More recently they have sponsored drivers in the Roadster Cup who podium regularly and have helped maximize power in many non sponsored Roadster Cup cars as well. Tri-Point’s record puts them ahead of all the competition, and they have the know-how to put you ahead of your competition, too.

Located in Canoga Park, California — ground-zero in the high-performance automotive aftermarket — Tri-Point Engineering features a complete repair, maintenance, engineering, design, and fabrication facility.

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Tri-Point Engineering will be offering Roadster Cup drivers discounts on a wide range of services along with advice on power development, safety, and how to go faster in general.

In addition to this they will be providing the overall season winners in each class with a full drivetrain lubrication service to include engine oil/filter, transmission oil, and differential oil.

Join us in welcoming Tri-Point to the Roadster Cup family and be sure to thank them for their support!

Visit Tri-Point Engineering online, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram.

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