Round 3 Recap – Streets of Willow

On Saturday, the Roadster Cup reconvened at Streets of Willow for the 3rd Round. The forecast showed pretty warm temperatures, but despite that there was a field of nearly 40 cars! While we always love seeing returning drivers, it was great to see so many new faces at this round and having representation from our sponsors Goodwin Racing and Koyorad. We’re nearly halfway through the season and the competition is really starting to heat up. Lets dive into the results of Round 3.



In 3rd place was Brandon Morris with a 1:31.947. Brandon was the only driver on the podium not driving an ND.


Zach, running in his ND missed 1st place by just over a tenth of a second. He arrived with a final time of 1:30.007 to take 2nd in this round.


In 1st we have Zee Reid in his ND, narrowly securing the top step with a 1:29.903. This win earns Zee a three-peat so far this season!

Championship Update

Zee still has a strong lead and has a total of 45 points. However, he shouldn’t get too comfortable because Brandon and Andrew are on his tail. Brandon and Andrew were tied for second after Round 2 at Chuckwalla, but Brandon’s podium spot this event allowed him to take the lead with 45 points to Andrew’s 42 points. It’s still early in the season though, so it’s anyone’s game and the competition is just starting to heat up!



With some stiff competition, John Arden pulled off a 1:30.104 for 3rd place.


Erik Brenner took second this weekend with a 1:29.158. That makes two in a row!


Wild man Chris Willard sets another hot lap, first thing in the morning with a 1:27.543 for 1st place!

Championship Update

Chris has a strong lead on Erik with 68 points. Erik took 2nd place from Sonny after this round with 48 points. Sonny is close behind Erik with 43 points, and I know John’s not ready to give up! He’s in 4th overall with 37 points.



Daryk Arden clinched 3rd with a 1:28.756. It must have been with help from his little lizard friend he found at the track!


Hanno Hagedorn, everyone’s favorite German, put down a 1:27.368 which sealed his spot in second place!


Jerry continues to lay down faster laps each event. With a 1:26.042 Jerry took the victory in Mod class.

Championship Update

Jerry is in first overall with 55 points, but he should be careful because I’m pretty sure Hanno is planning a Blitzkrieg. He’s close behind with 51 points. Daryk was able to take third place from Sonny with 40 points, but Sonny still has 37 points.



Anthony Chhuor posted a 1:31.991 for third this weekend. This is Anthony’s second event with the Roadster Cup and so far he is two for two in Unlimited class podiums, nice work!


Jeff Klavir brings another fast lap of 1:26.407 for second place, adding another trophy to his collection. Now, two out of the three he’s received this year aren’t broken!

With the fastest time of the day, Sonny takes the win in Unlimited with a time 1:21.402, co-driving Jeff Klavir’s car. Unfortunately, Sonny was so fast, we didn’t get a photo of him, but he was also driving Jeff’s car, so the photo above will give you a good idea of what he would have looked like. 🙂

Championship Update

Jeff is in first with 58 points and Emilio and Sonny are tied for second with 25 points each. Tommy Huang and Anthony Porta are tied for third with 18 points. It’s all up in the air for Unlimited, and there’s still time for anyone to take the championship!


Thanks so much to everyone who made it out! It was a great turn out and a ton of fun! We would also like to thank our sponsors at Koyorad and Goodwin Racing for coming out and spending the day with us. We can’t thank them enough for their support! For the full results, visit the Results page, or for more photos from the event, visit the Photos page.

We were fortunate to capture a bunch of footage and interview a number of drivers for our Driver Spotlight posts. Stay tuned for those videos in the coming weeks!

We hope that you will join us for round 4 at Buttonwillow on July 22nd. We will be heading up Friday night to camp and we’d love to have you join! That event is a Roadster Cup Vtec Club exclusive event, so I recommend signing up on the Extreme Speed Website ASAP because it is likely to sell out.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you at Buttonwillow!

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