Round 2 Recap – Chuckwalla

Last Saturday the Roadster Cup crew and competitors visited Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for the first time since 2015! Not only was it special because we hadn’t visited Chuckwalla in a while, it was also an exclusive event with our friends from Vtec Club. The track was ridden with Miatas and Hondas and it sounded like lots of bees in a can! It was really great to see so many drivers make it out to spend some time driving and hanging out in the sun…and heat… and sand… and wind! Our friends over at Goodwin Racing even made it out (thanks Ryan and Sean!) Let’s dig into the results, starting with a bit of the …oops!!


4 -Green Turn 9 CVR_0656_Apr0817_CaliPhoto

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon…he just keeps getting faster! Posting up a 2:14.599 he was able to snag his second podium in a row and earn 3rd in Enthusiast! The mountains are truly beautiful in this shot…aren’t they?!


Andrew Russ was able to lay down a speedy 2:13.938 in his NB for 2nd place! Well done! Somehow we didn’t get an on track photo of him, but we do have one of him with his trophy. Sorry Andrew! 

4 -Green Bowl CVR_1878_Apr0817_CaliPhoto

The Chocolate Thunder rumbled once more at CVR! Zee Reid was able to blitz his way to the top again this round with a 2:11.504! Check out that body roll!


2 -Gold Turn 9 CVR_0033_Apr0817_CaliPhoto

Erik Brenner was able to secure his spot on the podium and earn 3rd place with a 2:08.668.

2 -Gold Turn 2 CVR_1549_Apr0817_CaliPhoto

Mr. Willard was able to grab 2nd this weekend with 2:05.346. He also won the raffle for the Koyorad radiator! Check out @xsroadstercup on Instagram for the lolz. Looks like he had some fun this round!


Sonny is making sure that he doesn’t make things easy for Chris. He stole 1st place with a very fast 2:01.670!



Last round at Streets Daryk narrowly missed a spot on the podium. This weekend at CVR he was able to take a commanding 3rd place with 2:05.040 in his Indotech NB!

2 -Gold Turn 7 Inside CVR_2811_Apr0817_CaliPhoto

Hanno, our furious German, took 3rd in Round 1 and was able to improve here to take 2nd with a 2:04.731!


Sonny pushed his car hard this weekend, running it in both Street and Mod. With a tire swap, he was able to take 1st in both classes this weekend! 2:02.941 whew!


2 -Gold Turn 9 CVR_0006_Apr0817_CaliPhoto

Jeff continues his charge towards the top with another podium this weekend! He was able to take 3rd with 2:04.572! Is that front left off the ground?!


Anthony Porta laid down some quick laps this weekend setting his fastest time of 1:59.153 for 2nd place!

2 -Gold Turn 7 Inside CVR_2827_Apr0817_CaliPhoto

Emilio Cervantes classed up this event and took his first Unlimited win of the season with a blistering 1:58.935!

RD2 (49)

Round 2 Winners (well…some)

The battles are really starting to heat up! Lots of drivers are tied in the overall championship, but it’s still way too early to tell how things are going to play out. We know that everyone is going to bring their A-game when we return to Streets of Willow for Round 3 on Saturday, May 27.

Thanks again to the friends and families of the Roadster Cup for such a fun and competitive event! Also, a special thank you to our friends at Vtec Club! It was great to have you out with us at such an amazing facility. We’d also like to thank Goodwin Racing for bringing out their supercharged NC and showing us what they can do! Additional thanks as well to our sponsors Koyorad and Goodwin Racing for making this season possible.

For full results, visit the Roadster Cup Results page. For more awesome photos, visit the Photos page.

Just a little reminder if you are interested; we’re looking for a willing victim to participate in the Driver Spotlight section of the blog. We’ll take some moody photos of you and your car then chat over a beer after the driving is done. Let us know!

As always, looking forward to the next round and hope to see you there!


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