Koyorad is in for 2017

Some of you may have already heard at round one that Koyorad will be partnering with the Roadster Cup for the 2017 season, but we wanted to make it official! This is their third year supporting the series.

Our friends Alex and Scott from Koyorad.

Koyorad is a manufacturer of premium automotive heat exchange components such as radiators, oil coolers, and condenser units. They have been kind enough to give radiators to class champions in 2015 and oil coolers to class champions in 2016. You can browse their products on their website at www.Koyorad.com and use their application selection tool to find components for your specific vehicle.

Many of their products are also available from another of our sponsors, Goodwin Racing. Check out their catalog here!

We’re very excited to be moving forward with Koyo this year as they will be providing two radiators and some swag to be raffled off throughout the season! We will raffle the first radiator at our Chuckwalla event on April 8.

Members of the Koyorad team are often able to make it out to our events to check out the action. If you happen to catch one of them be sure to say hello! Without them, the Roadster Cup would not be possible. We can’t thank the Koyorad team enough for their support!


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