Round 8: (Big) Results

Here’s a little glimpse of how Round 8 went at Big Willow this past weekend. Beginning of the day, rain. End of the day, rain. Sandwiched in between the downpour however, were sunny sessions and dry track! In those precious moments without a drop we witnessed what is now the usual, but still unexpected personal best lap times. The kind of numbers you see and think, “Oh, he’s got to be boosted.” The sort of lap time that you would assume belongs to an S2K with a pretty quick driver. What I’m saying is, wait until you see these times. Shall we?



Visiting a new position on the podium is our championship front runner, John Arden! With a time of 1:44.467, John took a 3rd place finish.


Making his way up the podium comes Andrew Russ with a time of 1:44.255. Those couple tenths meant a 2nd place for Andrew!


Some of you may not know ‘Nadine,’ but she’s mighty fast. She is also an ND Miata. Driver Zee Reid led his glorious steed to 1st place with a super fast 1:40.870. Dang!



For his first time, Erik Brenner reaches the podium with a well deserved 3rd place! He started the season with an NA and has been fine tuning his beautiful NB, molding it to run a 1:39.233.


For most of the day 2nd place finisher, Chris Willard, had a pretty comfortable first place time. Mind you, that time was a 1:37.016. I know, I know. This is the guy who flew off  of turn 9 at a previous event, came back, and still got a new personal best. Good stuff, Chris!


You guessed it. Alex Renderos snuck his way into 1st place. When did he do it you ask? The last dry session of course just before the rain returned. He was sweatin’ with Chris up in first, so he threw down a 1.36.750 and packed it up. Like a boss!



Hanno Hagedorn picked up a new sponsor that helped secure his 3rd place time of 1:35.953. He is now driving for “Jorge’s Lovely Mama” apparently? German Fury at it again!


Just as it was in Street class, Jerry Arnone was holding first place with his 1:35.650. And still, his time qualified for a 2nd place kind of day. Daisy (Jerry’s cheerleader and puppy) was still proud.


1st place señorita Jorge Castillo isn’t even sponsored by his own mama and still laid down a 1:34.720. Take notes.



Up for the challenge of Unlimited class comes Anthony Chhuor in 3rd place! Anthony’s time was a 1:44.146. This was his first Roadster Cup event and he was able to pull of a podium spot. Great job, Anthony!


Aaron Lyons charged (as in supercharged) his way into 2nd place at the fast track. His fastest lap of the day was a 1:35.698!


The S2K Miata strikes again. It strikes a 1:33.056 with Will Watanawongkiri behind the wheel for 1st!

It was an exciting near season ender at Big Willow and even with inclement weather, the turnout remained strong. Can’t thank you enough making it out rain or shine! We appreciate all y’all oh so very much. Of course, a super duper extra thank you to our awesome sponsors: Garage Star, Megan, Project Mu, Gramlights, Goodwin Racing, Koyo, and Extremespeed. We will meet again for the final round next weekend at Buttonwillow. It’s going to be a round you don’t want to miss, so we hope to see you there!

For photos from the event click here, for full results click here!


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