GarageStar is in for 2016!

We’re pleased to announce that GarageStar is coming back for the 2016 season! They have made quite an impressive name for themselves since their establishment in 2005 – all without missing any love for the NA years. GarageStar brings style, performance, and culture to the scene, which is a unique and well-rounded spread if you ask me. If you don’t already, go follow them on Instagram and  Facebook, you’ll see what I mean by culture! I’ll give you a hint though, Kenjo is known for the #garagestareats hashtag. So as you’re scrolling through all the pictures, prepare to get hungry.

While you’re working up an appetite, don’t be surprised if you also find yourself drooling over the little aesthetic upgrades that make a massive difference. From carbon fiber to dress up bolts that give your engine bay a little something extra, Garage Star has the goods. Here’s a taste:



This season Garage Star is offering ways for everyone to win and get some great discounts towards their product. Here’s how to get started.

Well you’re actually already ahead of the game because all Roadster Cup competitors automatically receive a 10% discount for all products on

Another option that gets you an additional 5% off is either tag them on your social media or sport a Garage Star banner on your ride.

As for the podium winners of each class:

1st – 20% off

2nd – 15% off

3rd – 10%

Here’s the cool part. If you win once. You keep your discount for the entire 2016 season!

We consider ourselves at Roadster Cup very lucky to have crossed paths with Garage Star and appreciate the continued commitment this 2016 season. They trek down from Sacramento to our local events and for that we are incredibly thankful. You’re a star, GarageStar!

…sorry I had to… 🙂


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