Indotech Motorsports Teams Up For 2016

Many Roadster Cup competitors have come to know Indotech Motorsports, and if you haven’t gotten the opportunity to, now’s a good time to see what they’re all about! We are thrilled to announce that Indotech Motorsports will be sponsoring the Roadster Cup this season!



Alex at Indotech Motorsports has proven his commitment and enthusiasm for the Roadster Cup and continues to contribute any knowledge, tools, and resources he has to help out any of our drivers.

This year, Alex means business with the prizes he’ll be providing.For each class the prize rundown is as follows:

1st place – corner balance + alignment

2nd place -corner balance

3rd place – alignment

These prizes are granted at each round of Roadster Cup. Be sure to give Alex a big “thank you” when you see him around a Roadster Cup event. Thank you to the Indotech team for continuing to support the Roadster Cup!


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