Round 9 Recap: The Finale – Buttonwillow


The Roadster Cup has visited Buttonwillow on many occasions in the past, but things were shaken up a bit when we decided to run 13CCW instead of our routine 13CW for the 2015 Roadster Cup finale. We knew going into the event that this would make for an exciting round. Most of the competitors had never driven this configuration before, so it was hard to make predictions of who would come out on top. It was like being at a whole new track. Despite never running this configuration, everyone was pushing it in their final attempt at the season overall championship.

To say this round was interesting would be an understatement. Everyone progressed throughout the day, and nobody was comfortable after each round. Each session was like a show watching competitors trying to overtake their competition and get a lap in clean air. There was only option to get on the podium. Drive faster. The winners were separated by hundredths in some cases and it was anyone’s game. Let’s see who managed to come out above the rest!


John 3rd

Continuing his streak on the E class podium, John Arden pulled off third place with a time of 2:09.947. This podium finish moved him up from third to second place in the overall championship over David Martinez.

Kyle 3rd

In his NA, Kyle Koh took second place with a 2:09.817. This put him 3 points away from David Martinez for third overall, which definitely isn’t bad after joining halfway through the season! We can’t wait to see what Kyle does in wheel-to-wheel next year!

Dane 1st

Dane Remo already sealed the Enthusiast championship after the last event at Streets of Willow, but he made sure to finish this season strong. With a 2:09.725 he stole the victory and the overall Enthusiast class championship. Next year he’s going to have some fun in Street class.


Enthusiast Overall

  1. Dane Remo – 173 points
  2. John Arden – 124 points
  3. David Martinez – 101 points (not pictured)


Jorge 3rd

While chasing Jerry for the Street class championship, Jorge did a little landscaping and even managed to grab a tumbleweed as a souvenir. He ended the round in third place in his NB with a 2:06.575. It wasn’t quite enough to knock Jerry off the podium for the championship and finished second overall (and will probably never hear the end of it haha!).

Jerry 1st

Jerry put up a good fight but was only able to pull of second place with a 2:06.094. However, he was able to go home with the Street class championship!

Daryk 1st

Daryk showed Jorge and Jerry that he is a force to be reckoned with. He pulled of the Street class win with a 2:05.453. We know Daryk will be out for blood next season!


Street Overall

  1. Jerry Arnone – 158 points
  2. Jorge Castillo – 144 points
  3. Daryk Arden – 114 points


Hanno 3rd

Roadster Cup first-timer, Hanno Hagedorn managed third place in Mod class with a 2:06.097. We always love seeing new faces at each round and hope Hanno can make it out next year!

Joe 2nd

After arriving to the track late and never running this configuration, Joe picked it up quickly and pulled off second place in Mod with a 2:01.486. He put up quite a fight for the overall championship and managed second place overall.
RC SOW 11-15-15 (45)

In just one session, Will was able to put down a winning time for Mod class. In the Indotech NB, Will did a 1:57.099. Will ended the season as the  Mod class overall champion.

Mod overall


  1. Will Watanawongkiri (not pictured)
  2. Joe Robles
  3. Aaron Lyons (not pictured)

See the full results here.

Congratulations to all of our winners this season! They can look forward to the following prizes (See full prizes and sponsor list):

  • A set of front & rear Project Mu brake pads (Club Racers) or Project Kics lug nuts and Project Mu brake fluid
  • A Koyorad radiator
  • A set of Megan Racing Coilovers
  • A set of FFD wheels
  • A seat mount from KazeSpec Engineering

See more photos

Thanks so much to the drivers, friends, family, and teams who made it out to the event and events throughout the season! The finale was exciting and a great note to end the year on. I can’t express my gratitude to those who support the Roadster Cup.

Also, a very special thank you to Larry Koh for providing us with wonderful photos throughout the season!

A HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors, Extreme Speed Track Events, Koyorad, Megan Racing, Project Mu & Project Kics, FFD Motorsport, Garage Star, FRSport, Good-Win-Racing, KazeSpec Engineering, and Indotech Motorsports.

Check the blog throughout the offseason to keep up with the Roadster Cup! Our first event will take place On February 6, 2016 at Thunderhill. You heard right, we’re making the trip up and starting next year in Northern California! I can’t wait, and hope to see you then. In the meantime, take care and happy holidays to you and your loved ones!


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