Round 6 Recap: Streets of Willow

With only 3 rounds left in this season, the stakes are high! The battles for the championship are close, so everyone is out for blood. Round 6 took place July 25th at Streets of Willow. This round was a little different because competitors were given the option to run during Extremespeed’s day event or night event. Track temperature, visibility, and run group size were all factors competitors weighed in deciding which event to drive. Most competitors chose the day event, but there were winners from both the day and the night events. Let’s dive right into the results and start with Enthusiast class.


In third place we had Kyle Koh, our favorite youngin’, with a time of 1:33.598* (The * indicates that this time was from the night session).


Max Sterling stole second place from Kyle in his Spec Miata with a time of 1:33.009*.


Dane Remo’s newest sponsor, Indotech Motorsports, gave him the wings he needed to secure first place in Enthusiast with a 1:32.448*.


Piloting his NB, Daryk Arden managed third place with a 1:29.835*.


Jerry “Awesome” Arnone has his eye on the championship and won’t go down with out a fight. Less than a tenth off the top spot on the podium, Jerry earned second place with a 1:29.667.

Red Speed Pans CVR_0198-May0215_by_Zack

After deciding to move down from Mod to shake up Street, he is continuing to do so. Jorge pulled off first with a 1:29.578. This victory put him within seven points of the overall championship.

David M

Since Will W. was unable to make this round, David Martinez drove the IMS “S2K Miata” and took third place in Mod with a time of 1:27.039.


Aaron Lyons took second place with a time of 1:26.375, only a few tenths off of first place.

Purple Sweeper CDE_8237-Feb2815-Photo_by_Berklee

Joe Robles is no stranger to Mod class and has been doing whatever he can to fight Will for the championship. He took first place with a 1:26.138 and is leading in championship points.

See the full results here.

Thanks so much to the drivers, friends, family, and teams who made it out to the event! It was a great time and I can’t express my gratitude to those who support the Roadster Cup.

A HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors, Extreme Speed Track Events, Koyorad, Megan Racing, Project Mu & Project Kics, FFD Motorsport, Garage Star, FRSport, Good-Win-Racing, KazeSpec Engineering, and Indotech Motorsports.

Join us for Round 7 on September 20th, at Auto Club Speedway. This event will be run in conjunction with MazFest. I will see you then, but in the meantime, take care!


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