Round 3 Recap: Big Willow


Yesterday was the third round of the Extreme Speed Roadster Cup held at Big Willow at Willow Springs International Raceway. We had a field of 34 drivers,  and it was hard to tell at the beginning of the day who would end up on the podium. The winners were only separated by tenths! Let’s start with the Enthusiast.


The podium for Enthusiast class was a group that isn’t new to the Roadster Cup. Enthusiast overall leader, Dane Remo, took third place with a 1:43.747.

David L

Big Willow first timer, David Lin, was able to steal second place from Dane by less than a tenth with a time of 1:43.692.

David M track

Piloting one of the Indotech Miatas, David Martinez took the victory with a very impressive time of 1:42.561.


Street class was also a close battle with some impressive times and resulted in a tie for the overall championship. In third place piloting his NC was Zee “Chocolate Thunder” Reid with a time of 1:39.624.

Jerry Arnone

Second place by a tenth was Jerry “Awesome” Arnone with a time of 1:39.510. His second place victory tied him with Alex Cao for the overall championship.


Dropping down from Modified and shaking up Street, Jorge Castillo took the win with a time of 1:38.928.

Joe Xie

The podium had an interesting group of cars. In his Super Miata, Joe Xie took 3rd place with a time of 1:35.066. You can also catch him jumping back and forth between Street and Mod in his daily NB.


In the Indotech “s2k” Miata Will Watanawongkiri was able to pull of second place with a time of 1:34.908 and second place overall in the points championship, 7 points behind the leader.

Joe R

In his supercharged NA, Joe Robles was able to steal first place from Will with a 1:34.525 and put himself in the lead for the overall championship!

Yesterday’s results caused major changes in almost every class and showed that it’s still anyone’s game! It’s been an interesting year so far, and it seems like it’s going to stay that way for a while. I’m eager to see what’s in store for Round 4 at Chuckwalla on May 2nd.

Check out more photos from Round 3

If you are interested in competing in the fourth round of the Roadster Cup, please email Spots are very limited. We’ll see you in May!

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