Driver Spotlight: Marco Canlas

In this edition of Driver Spotlight we’re meeting the awesome Street Class driver, Marco Canlas!


Where are you from?
I was born in the Philippines, moved here in ‘96.

NA, NB, or NC?

Current class in the Roadster Cup?
Street Class


Is there a story behind your Miata?
Yes, I was a Honda guy before. Everyone knows how the story goes, they get stolen; luckily I had full coverage. Out of the blue, one of my friend suggested I should build a Miata this time around, so we browsed AutoTrader and bought the first Miata we found the same day LOL!

What do you have done to your car?
Oh man where do I begin. It’s got a fairly built high compression motor built by Pit Garage, all suspension bits and bushings have been upgraded, bolt in rollcage, 2 way diff, 6 speed transmission, and a plug n play Megasquirt just to name a few.

How long have you been driving?
On and off about 7 years but during the past 3 years or so I’ve been fairly active.

marco 2

For how long or how many times have you competed in the Roadster Cup?
I believe I have only competed 4 times so far but I plan on doing as much as I can this season.

When did you get your Miata?
Back in May of 2007.

Do you have any upcoming plans for your car?
Yes, it desperately needs a new paint job so if someone wants to hook the brotha up, holla at cha boi haha! Oh, and a new intake setup. 

If you didn’t have your Miata, what do you think would be your track car right now?
If my Civic didn’t get stolen, I would probably still be messing with it.

What track would you like to see the Roadster Cup go to?
Laguna Seca would be awesome.Mar-31-2013-Xtreme Speed GREEN 145pm CLI_5036

What do you hope to accomplish this season?
I just wanna drive as much as I can this season, gather points, and improve my driving.

Favorite track you’ve driven so far and why?
Laguna Seca because it’s like a dream come true. 

Have you done any other series outside of the Roadster Cup?

Is there anything more you’d like to add?
I LOVE ROADSTER CUP!  – We love Marco, too!

Check out Marco’s in car footage from Round 1 at Streets of Willow (CCW).

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