Driver Spotlight: Jorge Castillo

In this edition of the Roadster Cup Driver Spotlight, we caught up with Jorge Castillo. Jorge is one of the Roadster Cup veterans and is giving the Mod class guys a run for their money this year with his NA motor.

Jorge Castillo

Where are you from?
San Fernando Valley woop woooooop

NA, NB, or NC?

Current class in the Roadster Cup?

Castillomotorsports (myself)

Is there a story behind your Miata?
Bought it for a girlfriend 4 years ago….she never got to drive it. Fell in love with the car and started tracking it.

Are you going to break anymore 2nd place trophies this year?
I would say no, but that’s a lie. Probably a good idea to keep 2nd place a medal, way harder to bust.

What do you have done to your car?
Suspension, wheels and tires. 100% oem Mazda power, or lack of power.

How long have you been driving?
Since I turned 12, I’m Mexican.

How long have you competed in the Roadster Cup?
This is my 3rd year.

When did you get your Miata?
4 years ago

How long are you going to leave your motor NA?
Forever. Well, when I ls1 swap it it’s going to stay na.

If you didn’t have your Miata, what do you think would be your track car right now?
S2000, but I’m not cool enough to have one :/

Roadster Cup Rd 1_006

What track would you like to see the Roadster Cup go to?

What do you hope to accomplish this season?
Top 3 in mod class would be great.

Favorite track you’ve driven so far and why?
Buttonwillow because I’m slow there.

Have you done any other series outside of the Roadster Cup?
Nope and don’t plan on it.

How did you get into driving?
I was 12 and I needed a ride to school.

Does your Miata have a name?
Silver bullet…

Who do you think is your biggest challenge this year?
Joe Robles!

Favorite track in the world?
Too many to list

Do you have a favorite driver or a driver you look up to?
Ken Block. Yea, I know don’t judge.

Do you have any hobbies outside of driving?
Yea my money pit Jeep.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Jorge. Be sure to check out Round 2 coverage, Jorge’s car has an all new look and is serious about taking a podium spot in the Mod class overall!

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