Round 7 Recap – ACS Infield

With the end of the season approaching, and only two rounds left after last week’s Infield event at Auto Club speedway, some people were able to secure their overall championship victory and sit back for the next two events. On the other hand, a couple of classes still have a good battle for the title, and need […]

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Round 6 at Streets of Willow

Lately the weather has not been on our side as I’m sure you have noticed. Despite hot (and that’s an understatement) temperatures over this weekend’s event, competitors continued to lay down personal best lap times and set the bar incredibly high. Some say the bar is too high. Others insist on pushing further. That’s competition […]

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Round 6 at Streets of Willow

This weekend we are returning to Streets of Willow. Earlier in the season we started off at this track, but were going counter-clockwise. For Sunday, August 14th, the direction will be CLOCKWISE. As many of us have heard in the driver’s meeting, “make sure you studied the right videos!” Once again it is going to […]

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Round 5 Recap: Horse Thief Mile

This weekends go-kart race was held at Horse Thief Mile with scorching temperatures and additionally a blazing forest fire on the drive up through the 14 freeway. Horse Thief is Miata territory. If I’m not mistaken, the record on the track is set with a Miata and we like it that way. For most, it was […]

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Round 5 Rundown!

In case you didn’t get the heads up, this weekend’s Horse Thief Mile event at Willow Springs was originally going to be held from noon-8pm and run in conjunction with a drift event. Fortunately, we are going to be able to avoid some of the heat and got the okay for a private competition in […]

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Round 4 Recap: Buttonwillow

Feels like it’s been forever since we last made a visit to Buttonwillow Raceway Park doesn’t it? The iconic BRP is the place to set a mark in time attack racing and for wittle old Miata’s we saw some outstanding lap times throughout the day. It was blistering hot as expected and the competition was of […]

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