Driver Spotlight: Zee Reid

We announced last month that we were bringing back the Driver Spotlight in a new way – with video! If you’ve ever met Zee, you know he’s the nicest guy ever (even though he won’t ever admit it!), so we thought he would be a great person to kickoff the new Driver Spotlight! Zee is […]

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Round 3 Rundown – SOW

Round 3 will take place this Saturday where we will revisit Streets of Willow. We will be running CCW. We’re also happy to announce that we will have our season stickers (the triangle ones)! Be sure to use the promo code rc27 when registering on the Extreme Speed website to lower your registration fee to […]

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Driver Spotlight Returns

We are pleased to announce that after the next round at Streets of Willow, we are going to bring back the Driver Spotlight posts. Many people love the spotlights, so we are excited to bring them back! This time, we’re going to do them a little different and do videos instead of written interviews. So […]

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Round 2 Recap – Chuckwalla

Last Saturday the Roadster Cup crew and competitors visited Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for the first time since 2015! Not only was it special because we hadn’t visited Chuckwalla in a while, it was also an exclusive event with our friends from Vtec Club. The track was ridden with Miatas and Hondas and it sounded like lots of […]

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Round 2 Rundown: Chuckwalla!

Round 2 will be hosted at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway this Saturday. We’re really excited to be heading back to CVR with a Roadster Cup and Vtec Club exclusive event this year! There is plenty of information about the facility available on CVR’s website, including track maps and camping details if you’d like to head out with us on Friday […]

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Koyorad is in for 2017

Some of you may have already heard at round one that Koyorad will be partnering with the Roadster Cup for the 2017 season, but we wanted to make it official! This is their third year supporting the series. Koyorad is a manufacturer of premium automotive heat exchange components such as radiators, oil coolers, and condenser units. […]

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